Fawning for Flora | Madi Altman

My human form has not felt quite right lately;

a floral form feels a better fit.

I stare at my mother’s garden,

aching to be a blooming begonia. 

I want to grow again from nothing,

the possibilities of what I could be

and the genotypes that could blend,

so I could finally feel beautiful.

Bees and birds would flock to me,

admiring my beauty

and begging for my pollen.

Belonging and love would fill me

from petal to root,

a sensation I yearn for in my human form.

I wish to blossom in the sun,

reach my fullest potential

and feel worthy of life.

I also wish to wilt.

My physical form takes too long to erode;

my floral form would take a month.

I would serve my purpose and leave.

It would be a painless feeling;

better than being plucked

by a man who throws me on the concrete

after deciding the flower he rudely picked

was no longer as beautiful as he thought.

To grow,

to bloom,

to pollinate,

to wilt 

is to show

you lived a worthy life.


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