Blog Submission

Submit your work here. We accept all modes, genres, and topics––we just request that you add a “Behind the Writing” at the end as a few sentences on your motivation for writing the piece!

We accept blog submissions on a rolling basis throughout the fall and winter semesters.

For Last Normal (AKA Pre-Pandemic) Day Series Submissions | We are encouraging student writers to reflect on the last few ‘normal’, AKA pre-pandemic, moments or days and writing about them; a bit like a diary entry. If you have a piece you’d like to submit for the series, simply submit using the regular blog submission link above and make “Last Normal Day Submission” the title.

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Writer to Writer! We accept submissions in a wide variety of mediums and genres including but absolutely not limited to fiction, poetry, nonfiction, artwork, multimedia etc. As long as we can post it on our blog or in print, you can submit it!

Here is everything you need to know about the submission and review process:

Blog vs Publication:

Blog: we update the Writer to Writer blog semi-regularly with a post from our team and a piece submitted by writers like you! This is a place for experimental, casual, creative writing.

Publication: If your piece is selected for our publication, it will appear as part of a collection of work from other writers. The publication includes a Writer Spotlight section with interviews from the writers in the collection. Check out our current issue to learn more.


Once accepted, we’ll hand your work over to our copy-editors who will mainly focus on grammar, spelling, and formatting. No major changes will be made to your work.

Written Work:

Please upload your written submissions as a Word or Google Docs file (no PDF’s please, as this makes copy-editing difficult).

If you have any questions, email