“Overcast” | Andrew Smedley

It may start with a breeze

It may come from a blizzard

From a cold rage wrought by a freeze

Or a wind that drifts only a feather

The earth conveys their emotions through weather.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons coalesce 

Often thought disasters, but natural nonetheless

A light rain on Valentine’s Day

A curious snow

One small spark of lightning we can’t explain or know

A gale to challenge even the fastest sprinter

Or an everlasting overcast dominating the winter.

The fog outside, meant to conceal

Hide and distract from what we ought to not feel

The thunder and chaos, a ceaseless storm

Making it easy to believe it will never be warm

But just as certain there will be another blue sky, some other noon

You too, will feel better soon.

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