Haikus | Alicia Haun

Haikus about haikus:

Counting syllables,

Feeling the words flow through the

Tips of my fingers


Question for haikus:

Are titles cheating? Extra 

Syllables for free?


How much can you say 

in seventeen syllables? 

I guess we’ll find out.



Taking his approach:

Learning to be kind even

When I am hurting.


Michiganders. Why 

Do you tease people who just

Enjoy being warm?


You know when you pluck

Your eyebrows and suddenly 

They don’t look the same?


How did this happen?

Sleeping in my own bed feels

Like I’m missing you.



Even the immediate

Past. Things keep changing.


Can’t sleep, so I blast

My eyes with the blue light from

My phone. Still can’t sleep.



The walk to the Union? Run

To your next zoom call.

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