To Whom | Taylor Schott

Cover art by Taylor Schott

To Whom It Definitely Concerns,

Stop that. Why do you do that? Why must you do that, do it all the time
without cease and without mercy? How are you like this, what made you this way?
Sometimes I sit here and wonder why and how but then it’s no use, no use at all.
All I want is for you to stop and make things right, quit it all and throw it away,
down the drain and disposal, away and gone, away from me, away from everyone,
anyone, who’s ever loved you, if they could even manage it. I can hardly manage it,
how can anyone else? Forget managing it, how can anyone else see this, bear
witness to such ways? Such wayward, insensitive, cruel, ways of loving without
cease and without mercy. Stop that. Why do you do that? Do this, that, all the
time? How can you manage, how can you sleep comfortably, if at all, knowing
this, feeling this, and worst of all, doing this?

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