A Difficult Practice | Taylor Schott

This mode of life
is a quiet and submissive one.

Condemned to desire,
the wildered chains

Keep in position
a lady who

modest yet theatrical,
not the variety of strong

required for disobedience.

Ankles, wrist, and neck
attached with a constructed air of admiration.

Condemned to the spectator,
her pitifully thin legs

controlled and quiet
lay witness only to his needs.

One morning, pitfully so
An officer found

Hung naked from a vaulted apparatus
with those communicating links,

She had left out of insulting politeness

and caused a particular inconvenience
to those stray dogs.

One could almost hear
her pretty frame, helplessly upright,

about to slide down
from that constant admiration.

Behind the Writing: Erasure poetry is a fascinating, tricky task and I’ve applied it here to the first page of three different Franz Kafka novels: “The Metamorphosis” “In the Penal Colony” and “The Trial”. This poem seeks to display the often confining nature of heterosexual relationships, with particular syntax and a moody conclusion.

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